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– The Jewish Question – May 2018


Universal Judaism in 1914 is divided because on the one hand those who live in Germany – there are many Jews in Germany – both in the Austro – Hungarian Empire and in the Prussian Empire, they tend to support the Austro – Hungarian Empire and the Prussian Empi re since they have nearly about what they want on the economic, financial, social level, they are very well introduced into the German bourgeoisie many support the Kaiser, the Kaiser does not have an anti – Semitic policy, the only restrictions say in Prussi a, in Germany, is that in the army they cannot make a career as they would like, this being said, they were not so many Jews in the army eh, except, as Solzhenitsyn says, speaking of the Russian Army in 1914, in the mobile theatre to entertain the soldiers who are at the front, there are Jews there. But on the front line, there were never many of them, either during the First World War, or during the Second World War, or in any war, or else it's after the battle, to rob the corpses, but forgive me, but here I have enough testimony to say it in front of a camera. I am talking about all the wars that have taken place in since the dawn of time, those who come to rob corpses after battles are the Jews. Whenever there are Jews, it happens that in France th ere were no more Jews, they had been expelled, in Spain too. But, what I want to say, to get back to the point is that world Judaism was divided at that time, those who supported the Kaiser considered that the worst enemy of the Jews was the Tsar. ” It is R ussia that must be destroyed. Why would we support France and England when the Tsar is our worst enemy and the Tsar is allied with France and England? ” So there are some of the Jews who support the central empires, which are, Germany, Hungarian Austria, in short the central empires, and another part of the Jews who are rather in favour of Western democracies, France and England, always knowing that their worst enemy is Russia, which must be destroyed. So things got clearer in 1917. In 1917, it is there wher e everything is unravelled, because there is obviously pressure from the Jews, it must be known that in 1916/1917, the Allies are not in a good position, Germany holds on, the Italians are defeated at Caporetto in 1917, France no longer has the means to la unch great offensives, England sees its ships sink by the German U – Boat, the submarines which destroy their merchant navy and their military navy, therefore it is imperative that the Americans enter the war. To make them go to war, we need the support of i nternational financiers who are essentially in the USA and England and it is there that the Jews, I do not know, I do not know very well this story, I cannot give all the details, but it is obvious that the Balfour declaration was initiated by lord Rothsch ild at that time which manages to convince the English ministry to give a national home to the Jews in . And that's where it all comes down, the Americans go to war in April 1917, certainly before the Balfour Declaration, which I believe dates fro m November, but things were already prepared, you see, especially the fall of the Tsar in February. February, the fall of the Tsar and from the moment when the Tsar fell in February 1917 and the Jews in Russia are granted the right of citizenship, that is to say the right to do whatever they want, things are very clear. All the Jews of the whole world, therefore necessarily in Germany, in Austria – Hungary, take sides with Western democracies. This is what the Germans call the “stab in the back.” ” You support ed us and then suddenly, uh… you take sides with our opponents, with our enemies.” So there you have it, stabbed in the back and the Germans will obviously hold a grudge against international Judaism. Everything has an explanation, there is no smoke with out fire. When I see a video, like earlier, on Egalité et Reconciliation, a video of against Holocaust denial, well, when you know the problem… uh… when you don't know the problem you fall for it, but when you know their mentality, you know that they are able to tell anything, including and especially, the opposite of reality to circumvent you. So when I criticize Charles Maurras and the ideas of the French patriots at that time, it doesn't seem really important to me because I hate mona rchism or the monarchic idea. I really have nothing against the monarchical idea. But what I see is the result and the result it is there, 70 years later, is that we are still in a republic, our enemy was not Germany, neither in 1914, nor forgive me, nor i n 1940. Our enemy is still the same and today our enemy is what I say… So that's what I'm saying, so I'm being called an Islamophile by the identity branch, an identitaro – judéo – compatible branch, I'm being called an Islamophile, a babouche licker, etc., when the question is, are we once again being dragged around by the nose? When there are people, Zionists who tell me Muslims are your enemies go fight them in Iraq, supports the French army in Iraq, , Syria, Libya, I say “no!”, it is the war of Bernard Henri Levy, of Georges Soros and Daniel Cohn – bendit and Jean – Luc Mélenchon. As far as the actual Turkey is concerned. Jean – Luc Mélenchon is in favour of the Kurds, like BHL, good for him, but you see what saddens me is that the White Goy is gullib le and naive like no other person on earth. It's not a criticism, it's that I think our main flaw… Celine in “Bagatelle pour un massacre”, since we talk about it a lot at the moment, showed it well. Our main fault is gullibility. We can gubble up anythin g. You were just mentioning 36 million deaths for a small community, insisting well, I mean with a repeated message, as shown by some Egalite et Reconciliation videos on the duty to remember, repeated every day for several years, then go in the streets, an d ask “36 million deaths?” and people will say, “Ah, that's terrible, sir, what happened!”. Maybe everyone will believe it – sorry for the people I could shock, I don't want to pose any problem at this level because the Gayssot law is other charges. Once J acques Attali answered me, but since I have read all 's books, I know perfectly well his way of thinking – I simply told him through the Internet, I told him “in your novel…'The life…..' anyways… we never know if you are talking about y our mother or your fiancée… well if the hero is talking about his mother or his fiancée? What's with the incest?” And then he said, “No, no, you're wrong….”. No! I read the book very well and I know that in at least 5 of his books he speaks of incest i n a very strange and hushed way, like Filkenkraut, like BHL in one of his books, like all Jewish intellectuals. All Jewish intellectuals have spoken of incest, Jewish filmmakers have spoken of incest, always ambiguously or more classically by accusatory in version. That is to say, take a very beautiful incest story, it is very explicit and clear, and project it into a Goy family. So, Polanski: “China Town”, a White Goy family of big bourgeois, big white landlords a scum, a bastard and probably very racist, o f probably very racist bastards who abused his daughter and in Spielberg's movie “Purple Color” in a black American family, so you know what I mean, they didn't put that in a Jewish family would be too obvious. And yet, I affirm it and I say it very clearl y, even if I have a trial that will come on it, following my video, “The Jews, incest and hysteria”, all Jewish intellectuals have spoken about it in an ambiguous way or not, Filkenkraut in his first book “The imaginary Jew” is ambiguous and all Jewish fil mmakers have spoken about it. So from there, well, it's the result of all my research, all the research I've been able to do since 2005. Because after the publication of ” Les Espérances Planétariennes ” I clearly see that there is a subject that I did not a pproach and that I do not understand because I did not understand at the time. I had already by rereading ” Les Espérances Planétariennes ” because I re – edited it there, I see already that it speaks about incest in a strange, recurrent way. I don't understan d why. I say to myself, “I need to understand psychoanalysis ” . Why was psychoanalysis born in the brain of a Jew, and what is more, of a Hasidic Jew. That is the cream of Judaism, if I may say so, of Central European Judaism. I have read all the books on t he subject but no book answers this question. In fact it's very clear, it's very simple, you just have to read Jewish intellectuals with a mirror, that's all, and we understand very well. But I had noticed, it took me a year, but the work really, I was imm ersed in my work, I worked 15 hours a day, I only did that and I mostly ignored the other problems, that is to say that of Freemasonry, I completely left it aside, I didn't take care of it at all, I was only focused on Judaism. I wanted to understand this problem. And I realized myself little by little, since I was studying Freud, who based his work, who scaffolded his theory of psychoanalysis on hysterical pathology, so I read all the books on pathological hysteria and I realize that, be it, I don't know.. . affabulation, selective amnesia. ” But you Jews played some part in the Bolshevik experience there, the 30 million dead.” “Ah, no, no, no, we were the first victims.” I mean it's overwhelming, the role of the Jews in Bolshevism is obvious to all people wh o look into the subject, but they deny it, they deny the evidence, accusatory inversion, selective amnesia, therefore fabulation, egocentrism, histrionism, and I realized that the origin – according to Freud before 1897 – all hysterical women say they were abused by their father, Ok, incest is the cause of hysteria and one of the symptoms of this clinical picture of hysterical pathology is “the hysterical woman wants to have a child from her doctor, her psychiatrist, her teacher” you know what I mean, from the master, the male who dominates her. Until the moment she flips and considers him a bastard, a scumbag, a scum, there is idealisation and then rejection in an absolute way. But at first, she wants a child and she wants it so badly that she has a nervous pregnancy. She hasn't been knocked up. It's called nervous pregnancy syndrome. And I say to myself, “But what the hell, how can I attach this to Judaism ? ” and I had a flash, it was in 2006, I remember it very well, I was at the Beaubourg library, it must have been 9:30 pm, 10 pm, I was exhausted, and I was reading a book by an English novelist, George Eliot, so George is a name that can be worn by women, in any case it was the case at the time and I absolutely wanted to read this book, in English, because I couldn't find it in French, I looked everywhere for it it was not found in French, but Freud in one of his books, I don't know which one says, “George Eliot in his novel entitled ‘Daniel Deronda' talks about Jews.” Only Jews know that normally, they giv e secrets about Judaism. So what do I do, I study Judaism, I look for George Eliot's book “Daniel Deronda”, I look everywhere. ” Daniel Deronda ” is a novel by the British woman of letters George Eliot, published in 1876. It is the last novel she completed and the only one set in her time, under the reign of Queen Victoria. Both a social satire and a moralist work , this book presents in a favourable light a Kabbalist current of Jewish thought at the origin of Zionism, whi ch may have led to controversy about the author, otherwise considered as one of the most significant of the Victorian era. And I was at that library and as I was exhausted my mind wanders and there I go … but! Illumination: Nervous pregnancy is the bir th of the Messiah. When Jews talk about the Messiah coming, because they believe in the Messiah coming! They've believed it for 4,000 years, he never comes. Every time they think it's him, it's not him. It's always an anti – semitism that comes instead. That ‘s something else. But they always say “Raviai Mashiah”, “Messiah's childbirth ” . The Jewish community is a hysterical old woman who still thinks she has a child but it's just a nervous pregnancy, your Messiah will never happen. Jews, your messiah will neve r come and if he comes one day…. ( – it's evil)… it's evil what I say? No, it's not mean, but no, I want to reassure them, but it's fundamental, they believe in the arrival of a Messiah who won't come, but it's this tension… as they say… In ” Les Esp érances Planétariennes ” I explain very well this messianic tension and it's precisely this messianic tension that you believe in the arrival of a Messiah and that you work to make him come that makes Jews are hyper – productive. Go to any bookstore and you w ill see that half the books, half the novels, half the sociology and philosophy essays are written by Jews. Because they believe in their Messiah. But if I say that your Messiah will never happen, it is also to free them, it is to restore their self – confid ence. Because they live… and that is fundamental, that is really fundamental: this messianic tension is the strength of the Jew. Look, they are far fewer in number than anyone and they have a power that is far more important than anyone on earth. Well, I ‘ve always wanted to understand why. I wanted to understand psychoanalysis, why are most psychoanalysts Jewish? When I saw all these lists of Jewish names in the bank, in the media, in the cultural world, etc., I thought “yes, very well, but why?” Because I'm told “such is Jewish” ok, fine, but if he does something very good, if he's a wonderful violinist, as far as I'm concerned, I have no problem with that. I regularly listen in my car to Mozart or pianists or Beethoven played by Jewish pianists, it doesn ‘t bother me at all. My problem is that when they convey a message orally, in writing or through cinema, it is always a cosmopolitan message that in this case very often or in any case in a neutral film they introduce a small cosmopolitan element that is a lmost 100% of their production. Either way, they send a dissolving message for traditional societies because they are convinced that their Messiah will arrive when the world is completely peaceful. So pacifying the world is fundamental. What does a complet ely peaceful world mean? No more conflict between nations, no more conflict between races, no more conflict between religions, no more gender conflict, no more conflict between social classes. No more conflict between nations, no more nation. Eradicate all nations. No more conflict between races, crossbreeding the earth. No more conflict between religions. Well, eradicating Christianity, in France I think it's well advanced, eradicating radical Islam is very important for them at last it depends, radical Is lam they can use it on the international level to counter the dominant power that is hostile to them in this case . They hate and . Their target is Iran and . This is why they initially encouraged the emergence of radical wahhabi te movements such as Daesh in this case. In a second time, they understood that Daesh could perhaps pose problems, they turned over their battery but anyway they lost the war in Syria. Jews are not omnipotent and when I say Jews, it is also the Western oli garchies who work with them, not just Jews, there are not only Jews but locomotives, but let it be clear that the locomotive is Judaism. Oligarchies… they say there are many billionaires who are not Jewish, yes certainly, but it is like Guillaume Faye wh o said ten years ago at the time of his success that “Protestant finance is much more important than Jewish finance.” First, this remains to be proven, and second, it is as if you were taking a lump of butter of 500 gr. and a 100 gram steel knife, what's m ore important? It is the 100 gr. steel knife. When you know where you are going, when you have an ideology, when you have a goal, when you are fanatically obsessed with reaching that goal even if it takes fifty thousand years, then you are much stronger th an the mass of morons who are much more numerous than you who are perhaps stronger than you but who are a soft mass, a mass of butter. So when you have a steel knife of 150 gr. well sharpened at 18/18, I don't know how to say it… you cut the clod of butt er in all the directions and you do whatever you want with it. So to come back simply to their project of egalitarian, egalitarian equality, we no longer talk about race, nation, religion, but there are no social classes either, and there we find Marxism. No more bourgeois, no more proletarians in the whole world, across borders, that is also Marxism and we feel 's Jewish paw, even if made comments… wait, wait, let me finish, let me finish… and also no more sex, no more sexual differe ntiation and today we are right in with the gender theory. That is, we are not men, we are not women, we become it, through education, etc., and we come to aberrations that are promoted by people like Elisabeth Badinter or at the time Gisèle Halimi. When y ou look at all the feminists, they were not Jewish, Simone de Beauvoir was not Jewish, but once again the locomotive comes from Judaism. You know what I mean? So if you give me lists of Jewish financiers, it doesn't interest me. The question is, why are th ey making money? Why are they in the media? Why do they make movies? Why do they publish so much more than the average Goy? Why are they buying more books too? Because they like to read. When there is a book that is at the top of sales in France, if it is a book by Marc Levy, I know there are many Jews who bought Marc Levy. 1. Because he's one of them they want to support him. 2. Because it also sends the message that he's number one and that he's a great guy, in fact literally it's often very mediocre, you have to say it anyway. In cinema it's another story, in music it's another story. In literature what I can say is that they are often very bad, in cinema there are very good Jewish filmmakers, very good Jewish directors, there are very good Jewish musicia ns, they are more into interpretation than in creation, but in pop music this is creation too. I don't like Jean – Jacques Goldman, but I like Michel Berger. Even if in the lyrics of his songs he sometimes even drifts a bit towards cosmopolitanism. I'm tryin g to be objective. I am not an obsessed fanatic of conspiracy, etc. to the point where I see Jews everywhere and to think they are omnipotent. I never wrote that, I never thought so. Not only are they not omnipotent, but each time they are put in their pla ce. What you just said about these people do they not apply it to them? What you just said is fundamental. It is fundamental, because look, just this week, two or three days ago, in a tweet by Pierre Sautarel, the guy who makes Fdesouche, and he tells us “look at Israel, people are demonstrating to abolish Netanyahu's decr ee hostile to migrants and immigrants…” and finally the government obviously intends to expel tens of thousands of immigrants in Israel and now he is dismantling anti – Semitic theses. So I tweeted, but I didn't find it, I had to delete it by mistake, but I was just saying to him – I can put it back – “ok, but now you're telling me that there are Jews who support the Palestinians. But we know that! Not all Jews are Netanyahu fanatics, Likud fanatics. There are also left – wing Jews, including in Israel.” And that leads me to tell you and to take the opposite view of what the “Nazis” could say – and I am not anti – “”, I have never criticized or the Third Reich – but on this particular point, the “Nazis” in this case were wrong to say “look at de generate Jewish art it is an art that contributes, in any case whose objective is to pervert Aryan art”. Certainly, it contributes to pervert Aryan art but was that the initial goal? No. It's that when a Jew starts to paint, it's quirky and twisted. When a Jewish sculptor starts to make a sculpture, it's twisted, it's quirky and it's ugly. On the other hand, he benefits from the municipal, regional and state orders, but when you go to any Western city and you see a twisted statue, quirky, come closer and lo ok at the name and you will see that 9 out of 10 is a Jewish name. There you go. But what I'm saying is that's not made to pervert Aryan art. It represents what they simply are. So I think I'm answering your question, is what the Jews are saying about the Goyim, about the cosmopolitan…? What is their behaviour in Israel? You see that there are many homosexuals in Israel, who advocate homosexuality, and the rabbis don't like that. You see the rabbis are against homosexuality in general, because what they see in the first place is the defens e of the Jewish people, i,e. getting married, having a wife, being faithful and having many children. And globally you see the Hasidic Jews in Israel, they have 5, 6, 7 or 8 kids, the guy jerks off nothing, forgive me for the expression, he stays home, he studies Torah, i,e. Torah, Talmud and Kabbalah if he wants and the woman, she works. She works, and she's the one who takes care of the kids and works. But it is in the interest of the Jews 1) to perpetuate the Jewish memory – the Jew in himself has no mem ory – but in any case he has this history, which is important is to perpetuate it – 2) to perpetuate also the lineage therefore on this they are really nationalists and it is in this that some patriots can tell themselves what a wonderful people, how they know how to defend themselves ! The problem is that this wonderful people, it contributes through cinema, the press, the theatre at the time, to destroy us. So we can't … Israel is not a model for us. This is not at all an example for us. People who say, “Look at Israel, they expelled 40,000 immigrants, that's great!” I can tell them very well, “yes, but I don't know, Sudan, in the 70s, expelled 70,000 Eritreans, in this case we can also take Sudan as a model.” You see, I'm not at all in that frame of min d. Therefore, not all Jews are homosexual, even if the spearhead of homosexuality is Judaism, or homosexual militant Judaism. If you go to the gay neighborhood in Paris, you will realize that on the mailboxes there are many Jewish names. Not all homosexual s are Jews, not all Jews are homosexuals, but by chance the Jewish quarter is right next to the homosexual quarter. So there's a synergy. It's a synergy. Have you been answered on the substance of your books? No nobody answered me, nor on psychoanalysis, because the fact is… look, Michel Onfray released a bo ok on psychoanalysis in 2010, I did an article – I was writing in Rivarol at the time, it didn't last long because the trials were piling up very quickly, and we found out about it 2 or 3 months later but it was trial after trial on each of the articles, s o I didn't keep on working at Rivarol – but I had done an article called “Michel Onfray…” and I forgot about the rest of the title … I think I did put this article back online. I say Michel Onfray, I'm sorry, but I'm not saying this meanly, Michel Onfray is someone who works, just for that it's a victory, then we can criticize what he says, I find it's not so interesting, it's a lot of talk and it doesn't have.. but in this case his book on psychoanalysis, on Freud in any case, I note with pleasure, he to ld us on television: “I read everything about Freud”. Well, he's a serious guy who works, unfortunately, he didn't know Judaism and if you don't know Judaism, you don't understand psychoanalysis. And I can tell you he didn't understand psychoanalysis. Noth ing at all. Because he corroborates Freud's thesis, the pure psychoanalytic theory, that is, the Oedipus complex. So Freud, until 1897, until February – March 1897, noted that all Jewish women… his patients were Jewish; in Vienna at the end of the 19th cen tury, it was not Christians who came to see him; this is obvious. They tell him they were abused by their father, and after October 1897 … I think … Eureka, he finds the solution “Ah, no, it's that they would have liked to be abused by their father.” S o the little boy hates his father and wants to kill him, and the little girl is in love with his father. And vice versa. Every time I meet someone at someone I know, at a friend's house, etc., I ask them “Were you in love for with your mother, did you want to kill your father? And I ask that to women and guys. And everyone said “No”. Well, we have to face the facts there are hundreds, millions of people who believed in psychoanalysis for a hundred years, but you believe that? Believe such nonsense?! That's what I told you earlier, the White Goy is gullible, his Achilles heel is credulity, he can believe in 36 million deaths as you told me earlier, he can believe in psychoanalytical theories, he can believe in Marxist theory which considers that the history o f humanity is a history between social classes. He can believe all the bullshit in the world. You can make the White Goy swallow what any little Arab in the suburbs would immediately doubt at the first word you say. So no one answers you about your writings, but you are considered racist, anti – Semitic… That's enough… Listen… they stuck th e same lable on , they stuck the same label on Soral and generally… they stuck the same lable on Drumont, anything a little hostile to them is immediately considered as a dog to kill. Look at Frédéric Poisson who was running for the primaries on the right, he tells us that perhaps there is an Israeli lobby. It's obvious! Yes, there is an Israeli lobby! Even “Jean Daniel” says it. Yes, there is a very powerful Israeli lobby in the United States. Roger Garaudy Marxist, communist, necessarily someon e wonderful until the moment when he releases his book on the lobby… What is the title of his book? “The founding myth of Israeli policy” . Well, there he doesn't exist anymore, he went out of business and his friend Abbé Pierre the same, he went out of business. But you know to hit an enemy like Soral, , myself or others, it's easy, they have the courts with them, they have the public power with them, it's super simple eh, frankly. It's super simple. It takes a little time, but they do. But it i s much more striking for them to beat up one of their friends who betrays, in this case, Garaudy, Abbé Pierre, people who may have uh… Raymond Barre, Mitterrand, Mitterrand… Gérard Filoche, very well, Soral was sentenced to 5… I mean, no, he hasn't b een sentenced yet, they asked for 5 months in prison, but we're not under any illusions about… jail term, yes, jail, the reprieve is over, the fines are over now, it's jail time now, yes, yes, you have to go to prison, you have to go to prison and as you said earlier, “the flower in the rilfe”, “the flower in the rifle”, you have to go “the flower in the rifle”. Now, when there are hundreds, thousands of activists in prison, convicted for revisionism, for “anti – Semitism”, they call it “racism”, but it is “anti – Semitism” or “anti – Judaism” rather, to be clearer. Well, at least things will be clear, we stop writing and making documentaries and then we move on to a political action maybe, I don't know, more robust, well I say that in front of a camera it may b e a bit tricky, but you know what I mean, so uh… let's go to prison “the flower in the gun” my friend. Look, I'll tell you something, I've been studying them for 15 years like no one has studied them on earth for 4000 years and I've read so many aberrant , preposterous things in their writings that I come to 's conclusion, but in a different way, Rober Faurisson, he always…. He's a rationalist, he's always done things rationally, “the Jews say that, I'll check on the spot to see what's go ing on.” I'm not talking about truth or… what I just see, what interests me is human nature, Jewish or not, and in this case, I'm trying to understand Jewish identity, Jewish nature and what I see is that they are uh… the border is how to say… is ver y ambiguous between reality and imagination, they have a lot of imagination… Why are there so many Jewish scriptwriters in Hollywood? They have a lot of imagination and I think it was Cyrano de Bergerac who said “where imagination is strong, memory is we ak”. If Jews don't have that much memory, it's because they don't. They have a lot of imagination whether they are novelists or even demographers, Gérard Noiriel, he is a demographer, therefore a priori, square, exact, he manages to tell us that there are fewer immigrants in 2008 than in 1970. Gérard Noiriel. Then if you look at who Gérard Noiriel is, you see that he is a member of the chosen people. In other words, these people live in an imaginary world. They live in the idealized image of their people, m artyred throughout history, who suffered terrible pogroms in in the 17th century, whereas in fact when you look at the realities, you realize that they often, in any case for the Ukrainian pogroms of the 17th century, you divide by 30, for other pe riods perhaps more recent or not maybe we should divide by 30 also. They live in an idealized picture. To sum up, if you ask me, “If we were to keep only one word to define Judaism and Jewish identity, what would it be?” What I can tell you is that there a re recurring themes that come up in Jewish novelists, Jewish filmmakers, sociologists, demographers, whatever. “Innocence”, “we are innocent”, “we have always been beaten, persecuted, expelled”. Why? Look, I bring you back to “Les Espérances Planétariennes “, Stefan Zweig who asks himself along with Freud “Why? Why are people so mad at us? What have we done?” So let me tell you what's behind it, between Bolshevism, international finance, white slavery, scams, drugs, etc. there are 250 motives, but they say ” why?”. When a Jew is really guilty, like Madoff, it is because his shell is guilty, the bottom of his Jewish being, is pure. White. See? “Innocence” so it often comes back. “Revenge” also “these bastards of Goyim, we will take revenge”, whether it be Chris tians or Muslims, but especially Christians. The fact is that it was Christianity that protected Goy humanity much more than Islam did. At least from the 7th century. Today, however, things are very different. Anyway, we can talk about it again… So, “inn ocence”, “revenge”… what else is there as a theme, uh… I've spotted a third one… but what I mean is that if you have to remember only one term, it's “ambiguity”. When a Jew tells me in the most sincere way “why?” is he making fun of me or is that rea lly what he thinks? Ambiguity. You know what I mean? From every point of view. When a Jew says to me uh… academics who give us 600 – page books “we had only a very weak role in communism.” While the evidence is overwhelming! I say to myself, “Is he kidding me or does he really think so?” You see? And when I was writing “Les Espérances Planétariennes” after a while, I told myself that of course there is a Jewish identity which is very strong, of course they have a project which is very strong, it is obvious and when I come across a testimony from Georges Perec, a Jewish intellectual, a Jewish novelist who died in the 80s I think, who tells me “my Jewish identity is a floating, it's an unease”, I tell myself “he is mocking me”. In “Les Espérances Planétarienne s” I say to myself “he is kidding me” and in “Psychoanalysis of Judaism”, I understand that he is not kidding me. and that it corresponds fundamentally to his being. A “floating” … What does it mean to be Jewish? Look by the way, there is a program that has been on “Egalité et Reconciliation” over and over again for several years “What is being Jewish to you?” It's stuff that lasts 30 seconds or 2 minutes and they all have an answer… Besides I had in “Les Espérances Planétariennes” deciphered a book on Jewish identity where famous Jews answered this question: “What is it to you to be Jewish?” and it almost always goes in the same direction but there is always this idea of “we are innocent”, that is “why are we being persecuted? ” So they always announce the theory of the “scapegoat”, that is, “in societies in crisis they attack the weakest”, come on, “my ass on the dresser” [bollocks] as the saying goes. The weakest today … here, we are on Place de l'Etoile (Paris), the weakest are in the apartments of the 8th arrondissement or on the terraces of the 17th arrondissement. You know what I mean? So tell me you're the weaker ones when you're in the ministries and up the skyscrapers in the Defense district and making money on TV don't tell me you're the weake r ones! We have to stop this bullshit. But you see what I mean, if there's one word to remember to define Judaism, it's its ambiguity and as a symptom I'll quote you the title of an album by Jean – Jacques Goldman in the 1980s, entitled “Entre gris clair et gris foncé”, which means that you have ambiguity there. Border deficit. And when a guy like Zack Dangski says to me, “Anti – Semitism is fundamentally obsessed with incest and has a deficit of identity and boundaries”, that's the accusatory inversion you see , it's not anti – Semitism that is obsessed with incest and has an identity and boundaries problem. It's the Jew. See, it's the accusatory inversion. So once you understand, once you have this reading grid, then you look at all the movie posters… You under stand the world as it is. And now we're a long way from the leftism we talked about earlier. I mean, the left militant, the Trotskyite, the anarchist, the Stalinist and including the right militant, if he's liberal and the average Goy on the street, they d on't understand anything. We live in the matrix, i.e. “red pill”, “blue pill”, we took the “red pill”. 90% of the Goyim took the blue pill. Without knowing it. (…) But whatever, it doesn't matter, it's the minorities who make history, today there are ten s of thousands of people who follow us and who understood. What we lack today is infiltration into society, the fact is that we have such a rage against society today that we call our MP to tell him that we do not agree with the measure he just voted for, we do not think about it. Even going to put a ballot in the ballot box to vote every 5 years for this or that person, I… well, I don't do the apology, it' s necessary to vote, but I haven't voted for a long time, I don't even have my electoral card I don ‘t care, I mean we're so disgusted with this system, to the point that we are far away from it, and I think patriotic ideas are the majority in the people. What are you r alternatives to this domination? Contrary to what identity people think, I think chaos is not inevitable. That is, this society is vi able. 10 or 15% white people who pay taxes suffice, that is to say, White man who works and pays taxes and who do not question himself, he simply sees that little by little, more and more immigrants are coming and he will simply move in the nice suburbs, F rance is not like South Africa yet, in South Africa and in the neighbouring territories, Whites barricade themselves behind barbed wire, we are not there yet. But what I mean is that the White Goy pays his taxes, he is loyalist, legitimistic, he is not rev olutionary, and this White Goy, we see him in Brazil, this means that such a society can maintain itself. It stands up. And it can still stand for a very long time. I am not at all in an ineluctable perspective as Karl Marx could be, as Marxists and as Jew s are. That is, the Jews think that the Messiah will come it is ineluctable, that global society is inevitable, the Marxists thought that the class struggle was ineluctable, that the triumph of the proletariat will be ineluctable, I think that nothing is i neluctable and that it is men who make history. It is that if we compose a force powerful enough to destabilize the regime and screw everything up at that moment it is good, we must believe in it. History gives us examples of upheavals in which we could no t believe. I don't know, I take Hitler for example, we're in the 19th… imagine Hitler in 1923, he forms his party, I think there are five of them around the table, there are 3 marks and 50 cents in the common fund, but there's a guy who believes it, ther e's a guy who believes it. And this guy is . He believes it. He thinks it's possible. And when you see the film “The Triumph of Will” it is not the will of a people, when you see all those masses of SS who march, of SA who march in Nuremberg, i t is not the will of a people, it is the will of a man, a single man can suffice to upset everything. Stalin turned history upside down. You told me earlier that you have a friend, who was there, who is Stalinist, and I told you, “Stalin, why not, but I th ink he did a lot of harm” but he upset the story. If it hadn't been for him, it was the Trotskyists who took the…. Well, that said, they could have been worse or better, because it would have been such a mess that Adolf Hitler could have arrived in Valdi vostok in a few weeks. There, Stalin had a will, and he was a Goy, Stalin was a Georgian, he wasn't a Jew. And that in this case it was the Jew Trotsky who was ousted and liquidated by the Goy Stalin, as everyone knows, with a axe. So, there are consequenc es. I could bounce back on this if you want, on the involvement of the intellectual in society and I said it in … I don't know what interview, but it doesn't shock me that an intellectual, if war is lost, an intellectual must pay the same as a simple sol dier. Like Brasillach. It doesn't shock me. An intellectual also pays with his person, it is normal. Why is it always the same people who have to pay? Why is it always the little people who have to pay? I mean, I say “little people,” I'm one of them. I com e from the little people. But what I mean by that is that I defend the little whites, I defend the humble, the disinherited. When you walk around the province and you see these little people who live with nothing, who don't complain much, who are used to l iving in their humility, I defend them, because in comparing them to the people I study, who are stirring up billions, who don't hesitate to cheat people in the most heinous way, congratulating themselves for cheating the Goyim Look at my documentary that I published in December entitled “Sefardi Connection”, it's about crooks, they brag about it in Israel, they're there in their sales room and every time the bell rings, it's because there's a poor French jerk who just lost his savings. And they're happy, t hey make money on it, you know. That's my ulcer, you see.

source : http://ungraindesable.the-savoisien.com/public/pdf/Herve_Ryssen_en_anglais/Herve_Ryssen_-_The_Jewish_Question_May_2018.pdf

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